The New Dota Patch, 7.32

The new Dota patch, 7.32, is full of significant changes that will shape the current meta considerably. Some of the most important updates are listed and analyzed below.

Important Hero Changes of The New Dota Patch, 7.32 (and 7.32b)

Here are some of the key changes that will impact the win rates of Dota 2 heroes and how often they will get picked:

Beastmaster’s Inner Beast now gives five fewer attack speeds at all levels.

Slardar’s Slithereen Crush now costs 20 less mana at level 4. Sven also got his mana cost reduced for Warcry. At level 4, the ability costs only 45 mana instead of 60. 

Another important hero who received a similar buff is Templar Assassin. She had her mana cost decreased for Refraction. At level 1, the ability costs just 85 mana instead of 100. Her level 10 talent got changed as well. Having her attack speed replaced with +25 Refraction damage makes her hit like a truck in the early part of the game.

Levels and Heros

It may not seem like much, but this +25 bonus damage on a hero with +85 damage from Refraction is huge. At level 10, TA will deal 1000 damage in just a few seconds. This means that she will be able to kill any support hero with ease. 

And as soon as she gets her level 15 talent, she becomes unkillable. Because you can no longer stun and kill her when her Refraction is down. Her Q can be cast even during disables.

New Dota Patch

Tiny’s Toss cast range is now just 1100 instead of 1200 at level 4. This is huge nerf because the hero heavily relied on this ability to secure kills for his team.

Marci got a lot of buffs this patch, and one of them is for her Unleash ability, which now slows the attack speed of the target for 2s. The amount is considerable: 60/80/100. The hero was also nerfed a bit. Pulse no longer slows enemies like it used to.

Slow Bonus

Abaddon’s level 10 talent got buffed. He got his movement speed replaced by a Curse of Avernus movement slow bonus. So instead of him moving faster, his enemies move slower if they get hit. That makes the hero much more dangerous against melee targets with poor escape mechanisms.

Clinkz’ Skeleton Walk got nerfed. Its mana cost increased by around 7%, from 75 to 80.

Slark is now considerably stronger, thanks to many changes that make him gain agility stacks much easier. Among other things, his base attack speed increased by 10.

Meepo had his Earthbind cooldown decreased by 10 seconds at level 1. However, the ability now has a 10s cooldown at level 4 instead of 8s. So overall, it got nerfed.

Morphling got many buffs this patch, but his level 20 talent got nerfed. The new talent increases the stun duration of his Adaptive Strike by 1 second. The previous talent used to give him +20 strength, which is enormous. However, this nerf was more than compensated with the new level 25 talent: +35 strength.

Patch Changes

Dark Seer’s Ion Shell cast range increased by 200, from 600 to 800. This guarantees that his laning phase will be much easier. Before Dota 2 patch 7.32, to win against this offlaner you had to bully him out of the lane and ensure that he doesn’t get to cast his Ion Shell on more than one creep. But now it’s impossible to stop him.

Death Prophet’s movement speed increased during Exorcism, but her standard movement speed got a huge nerf, from 325 to 285. This hero is now destroyed as a result.

Invoker’s Quas Wex build now much stronger. The hero’s Tornado had its cooldown reduced by 6s by the level 10 talent.

Item Changes

Here are some key item changes of Dota 2 patch 7.32:

The magic resistance of Glimmer Cape got increased from 15% to 20%. The item also received cast range and fade time buffs.

Blade Mail’s active duration increased from 4.5s to 5.5s. This is a huge buff, and players who regularly pick heroes like Axe and Clockwerk will rejoice.

This patch introduces many other changes; if you want to learn about them, you should read the patch notes.