The Best Way to Make Money in CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is growing yearly and is currently played by 20 million people. This esport has been around for more than ten years and during this time, Valve Corporation has developed a lot of great features for it, here you will know the best way to make money in CS:GO.

CS:GO is a lot more than just a mere video game. It is an ecosystem that offers multiple opportunities to make money, ranging from CS:GO betting to selling CS:GO skins.

Best Way to Make Money in CS:GO – How to Sell CS:GO Skins

In CS:GO, skins or cosmetics are extremely popular. People buy dozens of weapon cases and open every week – by the millions! These CS:GO cases contain thousands of skins, some of which can cost thousands of dollars.

One way to make money in CS:GO is to sell the skins you own on a platform like Tradeit or on the Steam Market. The advantage of selling outside of Steam is that you can actually withdraw your funds to your PayPal or bank account instead of spending it on Steam games and items.

Another thing that you can do is to buy CS:GO skins at today’s price and sell them at a later time, at a profit. Lots of people trade CS:GO skins the same way they trade crypto. If you buy a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin at $20.000 per unit and the price goes up by 50%, you’ll make a lot of money.

The prices of CS:GO skins can go up or down, depending on the market. The same principle applies to CS:GO cases. Many cases decrease in price during certain days or weeks and then increase again, giving you a great chance to make a 5-10% profit.

It may not sound like much, but if you have a few thousand dollars invested, that margin could easily be worth $200. And remember, you don’t need to do anything except press a few keys.

Some people sell skins for a living, that’s how big the market is. Every day, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of transactions. The idea that you can earn money this way may sound crazy at first. But the truth is that many people selling CS skins make good profits thanks to skin trading. And most of them are casual players. 

Expensive Skins

Make Money in CS:GO
Make Money in CS:GO

High-quality skins in CS:GO tend to increase in value over time because they’re both rare and cool. Some mere stickers can cost thousands of dollars per piece.

If you’re someone who thinks long term, you should invest in quality skins that can be bought at a good price and keep them for a few years in your inventory. You’ll be surprised at how much their value might grow during this time.

Skins like the AWP Dragon Lore used to cost a fraction of what they do today. The CS:GO skin market has exploded over the last 3-5 years and it’s hard to predict just how much higher it will go.

Just like with Bitcoin, when the price was $1000, people thought that was the Moon. But then it went up even higher.

The key here is to invest in skins that are genuinely hard to find. If you can easily find them by purchasing 100 cases that cost just $0.15 each, they’re probably not that valuable. They may still be good for personal use, but they’re not what we might call collector items.

Opening Weapon Cases

If you’re willing to gamble a bit, you can also make money by opening CS:GO cases and hoping you’ll find some high-quality skins before you exhaust your allocated budget.

For example, if you want to invest $200 and your goal is to get knife skin or a Covert skin, you probably have a 25-40% chance of getting something that will net you a decent profit. But you also have a 60% chance of not finding what you need to make money. 

However, in such a case, you will only lose a fraction of the money you’ve invested, because you can still sell your skins for less than $200. They will probably be worth anywhere between $100 and $150.

CS:GO Betting

Esports betting is extremely popular these days. And it works exactly like traditional sports betting. And the most important video game that you can bet on is CS:GO. The reason is simple: this title offers the highest number of opportunities throughout the year.

CS:GO features dozens of big tournaments each season, each of which lasts weeks or even months. You can bet on every match, every individual map, the tournament winner, who will win the pistol rounds, and much more. 

The number of CS:GO betting markets provided by every top betting site is quite high, so the total number of opportunities is huge. If you have good knowledge of the game and its professional teams, betting sites will allow you to put that knowledge to use. They’ll even give you a welcome bonus of up to $100, which you can use to place free bets.

When you sell CS:GO items such as a CS:GO skin, you need to go through a process that can take months. But CS:GO betting is much quicker. You find out if you won or lost immediately after the match.