The Best Place to Trade Your CS:GO Skins

If you own CS:GO skins or would like to buy some, you have some really good options for trade your CS:GO skins. One of them is to use the Steam Market, but it has severe limitations. Another one is to utilize Tradeit.

The Limitations of Using the Steam Market

Trade Your CS:GO Skins
Trade Your CS:GO Skins

When you trade your CS:GO skins on Steam, all your money is trapped in your Steam Wallet. You can only use it to buy games and other Steam items. On top of that, some of the best skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cannot be found on Steam. They are too exclusive to be sold there.

When you sell CS:GO skins on Steam, the trade fee is around 12%. This means that if you sell a skin for $100, you will get $88 from the trade. But if you buy a skin for $100, the price will need to go up by at least 13% if you want to make a profit when you sell it.

The Advantages of Using Tradeit

Tradeit offers excellent features for buying and selling skins, not just for CS:GO but for other games. 

You can search for the type of item you’re interested in and even the particular skin you might be interested in. And you will be shown all the offers. You can narrow the list even further by applying various filters. If you only want to buy skins that have a float value between X and Y, you can do that.

If you want to buy skin with StatTrak enabled, you can look at those skins with this feature.

There is also an option to choose the price range you are comfortable with. There’s no point in looking at skins that cost $2000 if the maximum you can afford is $100.

Because it’s a marketplace designed to simplify the skin trading process, Tradeit offers lots of features that you won’t find on Steam. When you purchase a skin on the Steam Market, you need to know what you want. Otherwise, the process is very tedious.

Another thing that you can do on Tradeit is to engage in direct trades. You will be asked to offer items worth a certain amount and receive a skin of your choice that costs that amount.

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Selling Skins on Tradeit

If you want to sell your skins, you can put them up for sale with ease, and after a while, you will likely find a buyer, especially if the price is reasonable. Some skins can be sold easier than others but it’s not complicated at all to leave a skin on the platform and come back a few months later.

In some cases, someone will buy an item you listed within hours or days. And the good part is that you can withdraw your money and use it in real life. This makes Tradeit a perfect platform for monetizing your CS:GO skins and for day trading if you’re interested in such activities.

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