Nomand Knife CS:GO Skins – Top 3 Ones

The Nomad knife is a mid-tier knife in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in the sense that players don’t neglect it but aren’t in love with it either. 

The design of this knife makes you feel like it was created for hunting. And the shape is well-suited for all kinds of themes, which is one of the reasons why workshop artists decided to go in so many directions.

If you use a Nomad knife, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are more than a dozen cool skins for this weapon. In this guide, you’ll discover some of the best.

Crimson Web

Nomand Knife
Nomand Knife

This famous CS:GO skin looks really nice on the Nomad knife and turns it into a terrifying weapon. You’ll only find it in two containers: Fracture Case and Shattered Web Case. Both are quite cheap, but this skin is one of the most valuable.

You can find it in all available conditions: Battle Scarred, Well Worn, Field Tested, Minimal Wear, and Factory New. The high-float models are relatively cheap, but the Factory New ones are very expensive. The best models cost more than $3000. The cheapest ones can be purchased for around $450.

Crimson Web is one of the most prestigious knife skins in CS:GO. This means that owning a high-quality model for any knife will likely prove to be a great investment in the future. 

CS:GO’s growth is relentless. The game reached 700.000 average concurrent players in January 2023 and will continue to grow for a long time. As that happens, the value of the rarest items only goes up.


Nomand Knife
Nomand Knife

Fade is another famous knife skin, and its price for the Nomad knife is around $1500. Visually, this skin mixes shades of yellow, red, and purple. You cannot confuse it with anything else because it’s beautiful. All its colors are bright and work well with the knife’s unique geometry.

This is one of those rare knife skins that don’t really care about the float value. The low-end and high-end models cost roughly the same because the visual difference is almost imperceptible.

To find this skin on your own, you’ll have to open the Fracture Case and the Shattered Web Case. Both can be found in high amounts on the web and the Steam Market. But the odds of finding this particular skin are 1/5000. So it’s a much better idea to purchase it directly on Tradeit.

Boreal Forest

If you love military knife skins, this one is probably the best. It turns the Nomad knife into a weapon that looks designed for one on one combat. The camouflage patterns give it a serious and menacing look and will likely make you feel more dangerous.

The cost of this skin is very cheap compared to the other two. The cheapest models cost around $200, while the most expensive ones cost $500. A Field Tested model, which costs around $300, looks really good and is sufficient to capture the essence of this skin without ruining the beautiful patterns.

This skin can be found in the same CS:GO weapon cases as the other two knife skins.