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recoil case skins

Brand new content continues to come to the world-famous FPS game CSGO. Exactly 17 new skins have been added to CSGO with Recoil Case and all of them are extremely cool and fun. Furthermore, rare gloves that you can obtain from Operation Broken Fang Case can also be dropped from this case.

The way to get Recoil Case is through random drops or you can buy it from trusted third party sites like Tradeit.gg. Even if you have dropped the cases, you will need the key to open them and these keys are paid. Likewise, it is possible to purchase keys worth $2.49 from third party sites or the Steam Community Market.

The Recoil Case Skins

Here is a list of every skin you can obtain by opening a Recoil Case. All 17 of the new skins were created by community users.

AK-47 | Ice Coaled

  • Price: $71.49 – $62.40
  • Type: Rifle

As the name suggests, it is a flashy rifle in ice blue color.

Desert Eagle | Printstream

  • Price: $220 – $205.52
  • Type: Pistol

It is an elegant looking pistol in matte white color.

AWP | Chromatic Aberration

  • Price: $46.81
  • Type: Sniper Rifle

Do you love AWPs? Then this color fiesta sniper rifle is for you. The adaptation of pink to zebra is very exquisite.

P250 | Visions

recoil case p250
  • Price: $10.40
  • Type: Pistol

A female figure accompanies the magnificent image that emerges with the combination of many vibrant colors.

Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love

  • Price: $10.42
  • Type: Shotgun

If you like cartoon and anime-oriented colorful guns, Kiss♥Love will satisfy you. Like its name, the gun is pretty sweet.

The skins in the Recoil Case do not appeal to you? Then let’s take a quick look at our list of cool CSGO skins together. Maybe you can find skins that you like and appeal to you.

M249 | Downtown

  • Price: $2.43
  • Type: Machinegun

Able to make even a rough weapon like the Machinegun fun, Downtown is one of the best skins in Recoil Case.

P90 | Vent Rush

  • Price: $2.81
  • Type: SMG

The Vent Rush skin, which has managed to reflect the P90 exactly, is reminiscent of old-style CSGO skins.

R8 Revolver | Crazy 8

  • Price: $2.33
  • Type: Pistol

Of course, Crazy 8 is in the 8th place of our list. With a deadly and cool look, this R8 Revolver skin will be enough to scare your enemies even in the pistol round.

SG 553 | Dragon Tech

  • Price: $2.73
  • Type: Rifle

It gives a wonderful view with its lush green image and the far eastern devil motif on it.

Dual Berettas | Flora Carnivora

Price: $2.33

Type: Pistol

The harmony of colorful flowers and an angry dragon has never looked so charming.

Glock-18 | Winterized

  • Price: $0.52
  • Type: Pistol

A Recoil Case skin that represents a battle-ready soldier in a solid black image.

M4A4 | Poly Mag

  • Price: $0.35
  • Type: Rifle

An M4A4 with a very elite look with classic brown tones.

UMP-45 | Roadblock

  • Price: $0.32
  • Type: SMG

Another UMP-45 skin that gives the feel of old CSGO skins.

Galil AR | Destroyer

  • Price: $0.32
  • Type: Rifle

It creates a wonderful image by accompanying the white lines in the magazine section on the black base.

M249 | Drop Me

recoil case m249
  • Price: $0.30
  • Type: Machinegun

All we can say about this weapon is that it wants you to drop it.

FAMAS | Meow 36

  • Price: $0.34
  • Type: Rifle

It is a magnificent weapon skin in green tonnages that will make your enemies say meow.

MAC-10 | Monkeyflage

recoil case
  • Price: $0.29
  • Type: SMG

A fun weapon skin with various colored monkeys on it.

The Recoil Case Gloves

recoil case gloves
  • Price: Minimum starting at $47.45

As we said at the beginning of our article, there are also very rare and unique glove skins in the Recoil Case. Here are the 24 glove skins found in the case:

  • Snow Leopard
  • Nocts
  • Scarlet Shamagh
  • Marble Fade
  • Blood Pressure
  • Unhinged
  • Black Tie
  • Big Game
  • Field Agent
  • Tiger Strike
  • 3rd Commando Company
  • Queen Jaguar
  • Jade
  • Smoke Out
  • Needle Point
  • Slingshot
  • Desert Shamagh
  • Yellow-banded
  • Rezan the Red
  • Giraffe
  • Finish Line
  • Lt. Commander
  • Constrictor