New CSGO Case 2022

If you’re curious about the new CSGO case or the latest CSGO cases in general, this article will give you a better idea of what you can expect by unboxing such weapon cases.

The New CSGO Case (2022)

New CSGO Case

The latest case in CSGO is the Recoil Case. This case contains 17 weapon skins of varying qualities. As usual, around 80% of what you’ll get from it is not very valuable and consists of items such as the Galil AR Destroyer, which costs less than $1.

But the other 20% is. And if you get one of the Covert skins, you will not regret opening this box because the value of those items on the Steam Market can reach hundreds of dollars.

The best weapon skin you can get from the Recoil Case, excluding the gloves, of course, is the USP-S Printstream. If you’re lucky enough to get the Factory New version or a StatTrak performance, the price of this item can go up to $800.

The other Covert skin in this weapon case is the AWP Chromatic Aberration. Its price ranges from $31 to $241, depending on the float value and whether or not it has StatTrak enabled.

In this case, the third of the valuable skins is the AK-47 Ice Coaled. It looks great, and the price can reach $200 if the float point is good and it has StatTrak. But even for a modest version, you will get around $50 – $70.

Another New On CS:GO Case

When it comes to gloves, the prices can reach spectacular values. For the Moto Gloves Finish Line, a Factory New version costs around $5000. Many of the other models costs between $500 and $2000. It all depends on their float value and the market demand.

Overall, the Recoil Case is considered one of the best cases to open in CSGO. The best CSGO cases allow you to make a profit on average. Of course, you might have to open a few hundred of them to get the desired item. But on average, you should make a decent profit by opening Recoil cases. 

Some people may get lucky and unbox an exceedingly rare special item or the USP-S Printstream in their first 10 tries. Others may be extremely unlucky and not get a valuable item in the first 100 tries. It all depends on the RNG.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Recoil Case is a glove case. So if you’re interested in unboxing a knife skin, not a glove skin, you should purchase different CS:GO cases to open, such as the Danger Zone Case, the Gamma Case, or the Chroma Case.

The complete list of skins that you can get by unboxing the Recoil Case is the following:

  • Exceedingly Rare Gloves
  • USP-S Printstream
  • AWP Chromatic Aberration
  • AK-47 Ice Coaled
  • Sawed-Off Kiss Love
  • P250 Visions
  • SG 553 Dragon Tech
  • R8 Revolver Crazy 8
  • Dual Berettas Flora Carnivora
  • P90 Vent Rush
  • M249 Downtown
  • Glock-18 Winterized
  • M4A4 Poly Mag
  • FAMAS Meow 36
  • Galil AR Destroyer
  • MAC-10 Monkeyflage
  • UMP-45 Roadblock
  • Negev Drop Me

Other Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cases

There are many good skins in CS:GO. Some are worth keeping in your inventory, and others are worth selling. Not all skins should be sold, even if they have great value. But many players can’t resist the temptation of making $100 immediately or even $1000 in some situations.

One of the great cases that you can open in CS:GO is the Operation Broken Fang Case. This case is similar to the Recoil Case, but its price is slightly lower. Instead of $1.90, it costs somewhere around $1.50. 

The best skin you can get, apart from a pair of gloves, is the M4A1-S Printstream. This is a rare skin of Covert quality, and its price can reach almost $900. For most models, you will get around $200.

Other Cases

There are other cases, such as the Clutch Case or the Prisma Case, cost almost nothing, but they’re only worth opening if you’re interested in obtaining an exceedingly rare item. Other skins in these cases tend to be extremely cheap, and even the unique skins that the Covert rarity class cost in most cases just $10-20 dollars.

Meanwhile, the Operation Hydra case costs around $14. But the rewards you get from it are amazing. You can make thousands of dollars if you unbox Pandora’s Box gloves. If you get the Covert AWP (Oni Taiji), that’s worth, on average, $300. And the maximum price is $1000. Not to mention that most of the other skins are also valuable.

Before you buy and open a case, ask yourself what weapon skin you are interested in. Some people want to find an excellent skin for their Desert Eagle, others want a Huntsman Knife skin, a PP-Bizon skin, or a CZ75-Auto skin. Always choose the case that is appropriate for your goals.