Most Famous CS:GO Skins in 2022

The most famous CS:GO skins in 2022 were those that have been famous for a long time. However, some skins stood out and generated a bit more interest than the rest because they belong to the latest weapon cases or because they cost a lot of money and were made famous by top CS:GO players.

Here’s a list of some of the most famous CS:GO skins in 2022:

Sport Gloves| Pandora’s Box

Famous CS:GO Skins
Famous CS:GO Skins

People went insane for quality gloves this year. The price of the Glove Case skyrocketed, pushing the price of Pandora’s Box. A Factory New model can cost more than $30.000. Even a low-end model will cost you a few thousand dollars.

You can find this skin in just two CS:GO cases: Glove Case and Operation Hydra Case. However, both have reasonable prices so that you can try your luck.

Usually, the best way to get high-quality skin is to buy it directly on Tradeit or the Steam Market. But in the case of Pandora’s Box, most people would only afford to buy a Battle Scarred, a Well Worn, or, at best, a Field Tested model. 

If you want a Minimal Wear or a Factory New one, you’ll either have to spend tens of thousands of dollars or start opening cases in the hopes that you will find what you’re looking for.

Visually, the Pandora’s Box sport gloves look amazing. The design is beautiful, and the choice of purple gives them an air of royalty. This is also the color associated with intelligence, so perhaps you will feel smarter using this pair of gloves.

Sport Gloves| Vice

This is another pair of gloves that has become famous this year. You can only find it in the Clutch case, which isn’t expensive. However, you could also buy a low-end model for less than $1000. The high-end models cost a lot of money. The most expensive of them can reach $20.000+.

These gloves mix three colors: pink, teal, and black. The result is elegant and will make you look cool when playing the game.

AWP| Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore will be forever part of the CS:GO culture. This skin was made famous by s1mple, who is widely regarded as the best player in the history of the game.

Buying the Dragon Lore isn’t cheap, but it’s probably much cheaper than trying to obtain it using the case-opening method. You will need to open Cobblestone souvenir packages to obtain it, and they are very expensive.

The price of a non-souvenir Dragon Lore ranges between a few thousand dollars and $10.000. But the souvenir models can cost even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The visual design of the Dragon Lore features a dragon and mixes a golden color with taints of red and a little black. This skin is recognizable from any distance, and very few people own one. There are less than 6000 of them in circulation, and the CS:GO community has around 20 million players.

USP-S| Printstream

The USP-S Printstream has become highly popular this year because of the launch of The Recoil Collection. This weapon case probably got opened millions of times in 2022; as you might expect, some people got this Covert skin. At first, a Field Tested model’s price was around $130 – $150. But now you can get it for around $70.

Visually, this skin is very similar to all the other Printstream skins. If you buy the Factory New model, it is almost entirely white, making it stand out in the pistol rounds.

AK-47| Wild Lotus

Wild Lotus is as popular as ever. This skin belongs to The St. Marc Collection and can cost up to $8600. The floral design is beautiful, and even the Well Worn model looks decent. Unfortunately, this skin is hard to find, but you can buy it directly on Tradeit. 

In The St. Marc Collection, the Wild Lotus is the only Covert skin. This makes it a rare AK-47 skin that can only be obtained by opening a rare CS:GO case. This compounded rarity gives it a very high price. But you can be certain that this skin will be around and in high demand for many years.