How to Surf in CS:GO

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There’s more to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive than the standard matches and CSGO skins. Surfing is a very popular custom mode that players around the world love. Gliding along the ramps, flying around turns, and jumping across gaps is a fun break from the standard CSGO gameplay.

Why Surf in CS:GO?

While pros make it look incredibly easy, surfing actually takes a lot of skill and practice. So why would you want to put in the effort? Not only is the surfing mode incredibly fun, but the skills you use when surfing help you in regular gameplay as well. Mouse control, movement, anticipating the turns, and staying alert are all great skills that can translate into better results in the regular gameplay mode.

Getting Started

If you haven’t tried the surf mode yet in CS:GO, the first step is to join a community server. Look for easy, or Tier 1, difficulty levels when you are first starting. Download the assets and get started. You might want to try out a few different servers depending on whether or not you want to race against other players or just go solo. You can also download surf maps to play off-line.

Once you start surfing, you will need to get used to this new type of gameplay. Try to stay on the ramps and move left and right using A and D on your keyboard. Move your mouse to adjust the direction. As you move through the course, you will have to judge the distance between the ramps, anticipate turns, and increase your speed.

Once you are able to stay on the ramps, add in some turns. This is where the skill really comes in. Timing the turn with your mouse and pressing the right key at the right time can take some practice. Keep trying until you find your groove.

After some serious practice, you will be able to float through the courses looking awesome in your CSGO skins. It is incredibly satisfying to flawlessly complete a complicated course while making it look easy.

Enhancing Gameplay with CSGO Skins

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