How to Make CS:GO Crosshair Not Move

The CS:GO crosshair indicates where you’re going to shoot in optimal conditions. Of course, the better you get at the game, the more you realize that your weapon doesn’t shoot where the crosshair indicates. It simply shoots in that direction. The rest is up to you.

When you move or shoot more than a few bullets in succession, your weapon becomes inaccurate. To some degree, your crosshair will indicate that to you by becoming bigger. You can change your crosshair settings if you want it to maintain its fixed size.

CS:GO Crosshair Settings 

CS:GO Crosshair Not Move
CS:GO Crosshair Not Move

To change your CS:GO crosshair, you must go to your Game Settings and then click on the Crosshair tab. Here, you will find numerous crosshair settings that you can modify. You could potentially use crosshair commands, but they aren’t needed.

The best CS:GO crosshair settings depend on your personal preferences. To make your CS:GO crosshair not move at any time, simply choose a static crosshair style. Most pro players use the Classic Static option. But you might want to change other settings or experiment with them to see what you like the most.

Some people play with nothing but a center dot. Others like their CS:GO crosshair to include other elements or be a certain color. All of these variables are modifiable, and they will impact the aspect of your crosshair. You may have to change just one or many of them to get the best crosshair settings.

How to Find Your Own Crosshair

The key to finding what works best for you is to tweak one setting at a time. Start from what the game offers you (the default crosshair) or from the crosshair settings used by a pro player, and then change one thing at a time until you’ve determined the optimal value for each crosshair setting to you.

In most cases, you will realize that you’re perfectly happy with a basic crosshair and that the only thing you disliked about your former crosshair was the fact that it changed its size while you were jumping or moving around.

Some crosshairs will change in size because their values have been selected to suit a beginner. When you don’t know much about the game, you may not realize that your accuracy goes down if you shoot while moving or without controlling the item’s recoil or spray pattern.

But if you do understand these mechanics, then there’s no reason why you would want your crosshair to indicate to you that your gun is no longer accurate. By having a static crosshair, your eyes will no longer be disturbed, but you will need to deduce on your own when your crosshair position isn’t relevant.


The best CS:GO crosshairs impact your ability to shoot accurately by being easy to see and distinguish from the background or player model. They also enhance your ability to shoot properly by changing their aspect after hitting several consecutive bullets. But if you don’t want to be shown the inaccuracy of your gun in its current state, use a static crosshair.