How to Choose a Knife Skin in CS:GO

CS:GO knife skin is some of the most expensive cosmetic items in the game. Buying even the cheapest model will still cost you nearly $100. Most of the high-quality knife skins cost between $1000 and $1500, and when you buy one, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here’s a brief guide to buying a knife skin in CS:GO.

It’s Not Just About The Knife Skin

Knife Skin in CS:GO
Knife Skin in CS:GO

When holding your knife, there are always two elements involved: the knife itself and the gloves. If you already own a pair of nice-looking gloves, you should buy a knife skin whose color is a good match for that of the gloves.

Otherwise, the combination will look bad, even if the items look good. Of course, to some extent, this is a matter of personal preference. For some players, a combination of yellow and green will look beautiful, while others will look terrible. 

What’s important is to find a combo that works for you and puts you in a good state. When you play CS:GO, one of the most important aspects is your mental state. You’ll do much better if you feel relaxed and confident than if you’re stressed or uneasy. So pick a knife skin that gives you a positive vibe.

More Expensive Isn’t Always Better

Knife skins should not be bought based on how much they cost. You should always find something you like and then look at the price. If you’re satisfied with the price, buy it. If not, find another CS:GO knife skin that you like and is a bit cheaper.

One thing you can do in many cases is to find a knife skin that you love and then, if it’s too expensive, compromise on the float value. Instead of a Minimal Wear model, buy a Field Tested or even a Well Worn one. 

That’s not always possible because some knife skins can be found only in Factory New and Minimal Wear form. But as a general rule, this works quite well.

Choose An Appropriate Knife Type

There are many types of knives in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and sometimes, the exact same skin can cost a lot more for one type of knife than for another. If you like the skin but can’t afford it, ask yourself: am I willing to use a different kind of knife to use this particular skin?

A lot of players like to buy what’s currently trending. For instance, butterfly knives and karambit knives are some of the most popular. But the skins for these knives are often much more expensive than for the other types of knives. You’ll get a better deal if you are willing to use a different type.

Look For Special Offers

Every now and then, on Tradeit you will get big discounts on a lot of cool knife skins. If you’re patient enough and search the store regularly, you will eventually find something you like at a really good price.