How to Cap or Uncap FPS in CS:GO

Cap or uncap FPS in CS:GO can help with performance optimization. Usually, you will want to limit FPS because you don’t need more than 90 frames per second to enjoy the game at its fullest and compete without any FPS-related disadvantages.

At the highest level of CS:GO, players, try to get an edge in any way they can. But FPS is rarely an issue. This factor comes in only when you don’t have a high-end PC and are trying to optimize performance. 

If your PC wastes too many resources on running the game at 180 FPS, it might not perform some of the other tasks it needs to perform well. Therefore, since you know in advance that anything between 60 and 90 frames per second will be fine to generate a smooth experience, you can cap your FPS at 90. But how do you do that?

How to Cap or Uncap Your FPS in CS:GO

Cap or Uncap FPS in CS:GO
Cap or Uncap FPS in CS:GO

To cap or uncap your FPS in CS:GO, open your Steam account and go to your Steam Library. There, you will need to find the game in the left-hand column. Right-click on it and select Properties. Find the General tab and then identify the Launch Options section with your eyes. On some monitors, you may have to scroll down to find it.

In the Launch Options section, you can input commands. The framerate cap can be disabled with this command:

+fps_max 0 +cl_showfps 1

What this does is intuitive: it tells the game to ignore the maximum number of frames per second and to show your FPS in the HUD.

If you have a good PC, you can leave this value uncapped. But it’s still a good idea to put a maximum limit on it. In most cases, it shouldn’t be more than 100. If your PC is slow, 60 or 70 might be better.

You will be perfectly fine at 60 FPS, and anything above it will give you very small optimizations. However, your PC must work much harder to deliver 120 FPS.

Keep in mind that FPS combines with all the other video settings. So if you play the game with High settings, the higher your FPS, the better your PC must be not to experience any issues.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your maximum number of frames per second won’t necessarily be your actual number of frames per second. The game has its performance optimization algorithm, which will try its best to deliver the highest number of frames per second that it can give you without surpassing the limit.

Utilizing FPS Commands

FPS commands can display in your HUD the number of frames per second. This is important information, so it doesn’t hurt to have it on the screen at all times. To display it, use one of these commands:

  • net_graph 1
  • cl_showfps

To use these commands inside the game, you will need to utilize the Enable Developer Console setting. Check what key you’ve associated with it, and then press it. Type in one of these two commands, and you will see your FPS counter and other valuable information. All this can be done from the game settings.

Other console commands are not that useful for visualizing your frame rate. But these two are. When you experience frame drops while playing CS:GO, ensure you are not burning your PC’s resources on external programs.

Your FPS has little to do with what skins you are using, so you can enjoy any options you like.