Five Tips From CS:GO Pros to Make You Better Right Now

Best Skins for CSGO

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) has been around for years and continues to grow in popularity. Played competitively online, this game requires skill and clever strategies to win. While it may take players many hours of practice to really master the game, there are many game play strategies and tips that can help improve the skills of even the newest player.

Preparing With the Best Skins for CSGO

While not a direct boost to skill in gameplay, the best skins for CSGO can increase the level of enjoyment, confidence of players, and even raise a player’s status. Skins come in a large array of levels, from those common among players to those owned by only a few.

By trading skins, you can build up a community within CSGO, making friends and gaining a better understanding of the game through those relationships. Higher level skins, while providing a boost to your own confidence, may also dazzle your opponents, throwing them off kilter and making them easier targets.


CSGO requires sneaking around a map and taking out enemy players while completing in-game objectives. This style of game play, along with complications such as blind corners and reduced visibility make preparation and experience a necessity.

Many new players keep their aim in the middle of the screen or where they last shot. However, to ensure a quick reaction time and easier aim, it’s better to aim according to your position. If coming around a corner: aim where an opponent could be hiding. This keeps the amount of movement needed for aiming to a minimum and speeds up shot times.

Modified Visual Settings

Because CSGO is a relatively old game, it does not require the latest high-resolution graphics, though the settings can be cranked to max. By lowering the resolution of the game, the characters take up more pixels and space on screen, as their features are less defined. This makes them bigger targets and easier to hit.
Similarly, the dimensions of the screen can be adjusted to add a horizontal stretch to the graphics. This distorts the images on screen by a small amount, again causing them to take up more pixels. While the distortion is evident and may make it harder to see the best skins for CSGO, it does not ruin the experience and makes it easier to score hits on your opponents.

Practice With Your Weapons

While it may seem like a simple solution, practice really makes the difference in CSGO. Targeted practice with your favorite weapons, dressed up in the best skins for CSGO, and even less frequently used options increases skill and understanding of their mechanics.

By taking the time to learn about the shooting patterns and strengths of each weapon, you can maximize your game play. After learning the characteristics behind each weapon, simply using the weapons in different scenarios and styles will build the skill level of any player.

Learn the Maps

Knowing the maps, from where to hide to common objective locations, can be a lifesaver. This knowledge can be gained from a variety of sources.

To become truly comfortable with a map, it’s useful to spend time playing casual rounds. It can also be helpful to look up information online or even watch streams of other players to learn their best practices and insider knowledge of the maps.

An enjoyable and strategic game to play with friends or competitively, CSGO can create hours of fun for anyone. Taking the time to build a community and try out the best skins for CSGO can also heighten the enjoyment. By gaining tips and tricks along the way, even the newest players can quickly gain skill and have some fun. Visit our website to know more details.