CS:GO Weapon Tier List: The Best and Worst Weapons to Use

CS:GO features around 3 dozen different weapons. Some are used regularly because they offer great advantages. But most are rarely used because they’re not viable, either economically or in other ways. Here’s a CS:GO weapon tier list of the best and worst weapons in CS:GO.

Best Weapons in CS:GO

The best weapons in CS:GO are the following:


This is easily one of the best weapons in the game and perhaps the most famous. CS:GO’s greatest pro players use it, and there’s an entire role dedicated to it. Using the AWP is very difficult and will require intensive training to achieve good results.

AWP players usually spend thousands of hours perfecting their ability to aim properly with this rifle. Since you only get to shoot once every few seconds, it is crucial that you don’t miss. Enemies tend to overrun you if you’ve missed your first bullet. But if you can kill them in succession, you’ll be of great use to your team.

The AWP is highly expensive ($4750), and buying it is not advised unless you know what you’re doing. This is a special weapon for a skilled player that can easily win rounds.

CS:GO Weapon Tier List


The M4A4 is one of the most frequently used weapons by Counter-Terrorists. It gives you significant damage and spray control and will shoot accurately even from a long distance. Its cost is $3100, and the damage is huge. 

You can kill enemies with a single headshot if they’re not armored. Against armored units, it deals 92 damage to the head and 23-28 damage to the rest of the body. Making good use of this gun requires you to know how to spray.


The M4A1-S is very similar to the M4A4 and was designed as its cheaper alternative. This gun has a considerably lower magazine capacity (20 instead of 30), but its damage and recoil are considerably better.

For the CT side, the choice is always between the M4A4 and the M4A1-S. Different players prefer different weapons. Arguably, thanks to the latest updates, the M4A1-S is slightly better. 


The AK-47 is the best under $3000 rifle you can buy in CS:GO. And its price is much lower: $2700. At this low cost, it allows the Terrorists to buy it almost every round.

The AK-47 can kill with a single bullet from any distance if you aim for the head, even if the target is armored. The only limitation it has is the spray control. This gun is very difficult to master, and the less experienced you are, the more likely you won’t be able to use it effectively.

But if you’re a good CS:GO player who knows how to shoot properly, there’s no better gun than the AK-47, with the exception of the AWP.


The AUG is a great choice for long-range battles. Its scope makes it highly effective from afar, and its ability to kill with a single bullet allows you to aim for the head, knowing that you can get the job done with ease if you shoot properly.

The AUG costs a bit more than the M4A4 ($3300 instead of $3100), but the price difference is worth it if you’re in the Silver or Gold Nova divisions. Pro players rarely buy the AUG because they need to be very careful about their economy. But this is one of the best weapons you can purchase in pub games.

SG 553

The SG 553 is the T-side equivalent of the AUG. It can kill with just one bullet; the significant advantage is that it ignores armor. Another reason people buy it is the relatively low price: $3000.

Using one with a scope can make your life much easier if you need to shoot targets from afar and don’t have the skill to do it with a standard rifle.

Desert Eagle

This is the pistol you need to master if you want to win some difficult rounds in which your team cannot afford to buy proper guns. The Desert Eagle kills with one or two bullets, even if the target wears armor. It is extremely powerful and will get the job done even from far away.

The main limitation of this pistol is its small magazine capacity. Because it only has 7 bullets available, you’ll need to ensure your aim is excellent.


The Tec-9 is the perfect choice for pistol rounds and force-buy rounds. It only costs $500, and the damage it does is spectacular. This pistol kills with a single bullet, even if the target is armored. And in fact, it mostly ignores the armor, dealing almost identical damage to armored and unarmored targets.

The only disadvantage of the Tec-9 is that it’s inaccurate from afar. This is an excellent gun for narrow spaces where the battle occurs at a low range.

Worst Weapons in CS:GO

Some of the worst weapons in CS:GO are the following:

  • SCAR-20
  • MAG-7
  • Negev
  • Sawed-Off

All of these weapons cost a lot for the little they offer and are nearly impossible to use in competitive scenarios. They suffer from massive range, fire rate, and recoil problems, which almost never make sense.

In competitive games, players will not buy these weapons unless they want to troll their opponents or perhaps their teammates. Anyone who tries to win seeks to optimize everything and purchase the most effective guns. The reason why the 4 options listed above are terrible is that they’re highly ineffective.

From time to time, you may want to experience one of them. But it’s a good idea to do it in casual games. Otherwise, people might report you.