CSGO Skins You Need to Buy

CSGO is probably the best video game in the world regarding skins. The CSGO skins you need to buy can come from millions of people and sell CSGO skins to millions of people. The prices range from a few cents to more than $100K per skin, so the variety is enormous.

Cheap CSGO skins can climb in price tenfold over just one or two years, and the CSGO skin market has an insatiable appetite for Covert skins, knife skins, glove skins, and everything else you can imagine.

Trading CSGO Skins

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can trade skins directly on the Steam Market. But in most cases, a much better idea is to use a third-party skin market such as Tradeit. Such markets will give you better prices and, more importantly, will let you cash out.

When you sell skins on Steam, you can only use the money to buy Steam games or other skins. But Tradeit will let you withdraw your money to your account. That’s one of the reasons why the rating of this platform is 9.8/10, which is probably the highest of all CSGO skin marketplaces.

CSGO Skin Prices

CS skins vary in price based on their rarity, float value, weapon case value, and market demand. Weapon skins that are Factory New tend to be much more expensive than Field-Tested ones. And if they also have StatTrak enabled, the prices can go up by 300%.

Minimal Wear skins are a bit cheaper but still expensive, so skin traders who sell skins are always asking for a fairly high price on any skin marketplace. 

When buying CSGO skins, you must keep all of these things in mind. And you should also be aware of these principles when selling CSGO skins. Otherwise, you might sell a $1000 knife skin at the price of a $100 knife skin. Or a $20.000 gloves skin at the price of a $500 pair.

When you check your Steam account and look at your CSGO items, please search for the rare ones first because they’re probably worth a lot.

What CSGO Skins You Should Buy

 When you buy skins on Tradeit or the Steam community market, you should ask yourself your objective. Some players buy cs skins because they want to use them inside the game and look fantastic. 

Others do it as a form of investment. They anticipate that the price of CS:GO skins will go much higher in the near future due to the growth of the game’s player base, so they buy high-quality skins now and plan to sell them in a year or two at a decent profit.

CSGO Skins You Need to Buy

So you need to decide: do you want to make more money? Do you want to build your collection of expensive skins? Do you want to own some skins to not look cheap when playing with friends? Or perhaps you want to gain a bit of notoriety by holding the CSGO equivalent of a real-world Rolex – you can do that by purchasing the AK-47 Golden Arabesque.

A CSGO marketplace will put at your disposal a wide range of options, and the choice is yours to make. The first thing you should do is decide the amount you’re willing to allocate to buying CSGO skins. Then you should figure out your main objective or what you hope to accomplish with your purchase. 

And then you should start searching for the best deals. The best price can be found by searching around and, more importantly, by being persistent. On Steam, for instance, some games get an 85% discount from time to time. The same is true of CSGO skins, although the discounts are not that big.

If you search for your desired skin once a day for a few consecutive weeks, you will likely find something that suits you at a great price.

The Best CSGO Skins to Buy Today 

The best CSGO skins you can buy are those designed for the best or most popular weapons in the game. Here’s a list of them:

  • AK-47
  • M4A4
  • AWP
  • Knife/Gloves
  • USP-S
  • Glock-18
  • Desert Eagle

All of these items have a wide range of skins, and it’s up to you to buy cheap or expensive ones, depending on your goals. If you want to invest, buy great-looking skins that are Covert. These skins tend to go up in price as time goes by.

Always check the price of the weapon case of the skin you are buying. That price will partly determine the perceived quality of the skin. Some skins are expensive not because they look amazing but because their cases are rare and cost a lot of money.

If you’re a collector, these are the skins that you should buy:

  • any knife skin above $500
  • any gloves skin above $1000
  • AWP | Dragon Lore
  • AWP | Desert Hydra
  • AK-47 | Golden Arabesque
  • M4A4 | Howl
  • M4A4 | Poseidon
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