CS:GO Skin Conditions: Five Exterior Quality Levels

Buy CSGO Skins

Have you got any great skins yet? Now, you can get new skins, which are a texture or a finish for nearly every weapon used in the game. Skins don’t affect how the weapon plays in the game, but they do stand out. Now, it is easy to buy CSGO skins or join in the anticipation and excitement when you find a case of skins, especially when you get a rare and valuable one.

But what are the skins all about? How many are there, how can you get them, and which ones can you get? Do you have to buy CSGO skins or are there other ways to get them?

Why Buy CSGO Skins?

First of all, skins are a way of expressing personality or personal style in the game. For veteran or professional players, a rare skin can show status and experience, but for new players the skins make the game more fun. There is a huge variety and many different skins available, almost 1000 different ones to decorate any of the weapons. Do your tastes run to cyberpunk, antique, artistic, or to somewhere else? Buy CSGO skins and show off your style.

Which Skins are Best?

It is not necessary to buy CSGO skins every time you want to change things up. Weapons cases are dropped into the game and then found by players, and inside the weapons cache are different weapons and skins that can be used, added to inventory and then sold or traded. Skins that are dropped are graded differently depending on the quality level. Grades are shown by their color. White and light-blue skins are the most common and least rare.

What are Skin Conditions?

There are five exterior quality levels known as skin conditions. When you do go to trade, sell or buy CSGO skins, it is good to know about the skin condition variations, and how they impact rarity and value. The skin conditions change the way the skin looks in more than color and design, and therefore, change how much the skin might be worth.

Battle-scarred The weapons taking these skins have seen a lot of use. They are rugged and strong, but full of scratches, and dents.

Well-worn These weapons have been through a little less, but they are still fairly used. They are mid-level quality.

Field-tested skins – They have some scratches and dents, but they look almost new.

Minimal wear A few scratches or dents but they are minor and don’t really show.

Factory new – This is the best you can get. They have never been used, and they have a flawless finish.

When you sell or buy CSGO skins, the skin condition does affect the appearance, the quality and the value. Each skin has an assigned float value number between 1 and 0 that represents the above levels of wear and tear. The skin is better quality when the number is closer to 0.

Float values and skin conditions are another thing to know about when you trade, sell or buy CSGO skins. Learn more here.