CS:GO Operation Riptide – New Skins | Shorter Matches

operation riptide

Operation Riptide is CS:GO’s 11th operation to date. Effectively, it’s a patch that brings numerous changes and features to the game, as well as a lot of beautiful skins. For just $14,99, this Battle Pass will greatly enhance your CS:GO experience and give you the chance to play it in some whole new ways.

Operation Riptide’s Main Features

Operation Riptide includes shorter competitive matches, new maps, private queues, and a redesigned mission system, among other features. I’ll have a brief look at each of them below.

Shorter Competitive Matches

If you’re a CS:GO enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered at least once over the years: why can’t we play shorter matches? Because after all, a best-of-30-rounds can easily take a whole hour to complete. A round has approximately 2 minutes, but it can get even longer if a team plants the bomb. And if the match is close, it’s hard to finish in under 50 minutes. Add to that the time you spent queueing for the game, and you get to one hour per map. But what if you don’t have one hour at your disposal?

Operation Riptide has introduced a feature that CS:GO desperately needed. And this feature consists of short competitive matches. Of course, you can still play your standard Bo30 games. But now you also have the possibility to play a Bo16 game. Apart from the short duration, these competitive games are exactly the same as the standard ones.

When searching for a match, you can now pick one of 3 options:

  • Any length (Bo30 or Bo16)
  • Short match (Bo16)
  • Long match (Bo30)

It is estimated that, on average, Bo16 matches will last around 25 minutes.

Private Queues

One of Operation Riptide’s main features is the ability to create private queues that can be accessed only by your friends, your friends’ friends, or a Steam group. This gives organizations and small groups of people the possibility to easily compete among themselves with no outside interference.

New Maps

Operation Riptide has added County to the game for the Danger Zone mode. Insertion II and Basalt have been included in the official matchmaking pool for the Competitive, Casual, and Deathmatch modes.

A number of maps have been removed from official matchmaking: Pitstop, Calavera, Mocha, Grind, and Frostbite.

The latest CS:GO Operation has also introduced multiple map changes to Dust 2, Inferno, and Ancient. You can read about these changes in the patch notes.

New Deathmatch Options

Players can now play Deathmatch in several ways: 

  • Team versus Team: uses team scores, the other team is the target
  • Free-for-All: uses individual scores, everyone else is a target
  • Classic: uses individual scores, the other team is the target

New Weapon

Operation Riptide has even brought a new piece of equipment to the game, called Riot Shield. I can’t tell if Valve did this on purpose or not, but with the rise of Riot Games’ Valorant, having a Riot Shield to defend yourself definitely comes in handy.

The new piece of equipment can only be used in the Hostage game mode, and it allows Counter-Terrorists to absorb some of the bullets shot by the T-side. However, there’s only so much damage that can be absorbed before the shield breaks.

Upgradeable Mission Coin

Buying the Riptide Battle Pass gives you an upgradeable mission coin. Complete missions to earn stars in 4 different game modes: Casual, Competitive, Danger Zone, and Guardian. Your coin will gradually level up, going from Bronze to Silver, Gold, and eventually Diamond. The maximum number of stars that you can earn per week is 10. To get a silver coin, you need 33 stars. For a gold one, you need 66 stars. And for a diamond one, you need 100 stars. 

Gameplay Changes

Among the gameplay changes introduced by Operation Riptide, the most important ones are the following:

  • Desert Eagle’s body damage has been nerfed
  • M4A1-S now deals more body damage
  • Dual Elites now cost just $300
  • Players can now drop (share) grenades!
  • Post-death vision reduced from 3s to 2s (body shot death) and from 1s to 0.5s (headshot death)

New Skins

The Operation Riptide weapon case contains 17 community-made skins and features Gamma Doppler knives as rare items. The full list of skins is the following:

  • Desert Eagle: Ocean Drive
  • AK-47: Leet Museo
  • SSG 08: Turbo Peek
  • Glock-18: Snack Attack
  • MAC-10: Toybox
  • M4A4: Spider Lily
  • MP9: Mount Fuji
  • Five-SeveN: Boost Protocol
  • FAMAS: ZX Spectron
  • MAG-7: B183 Spectrum
  • XM1014: Watchdog
  • USP-S: Black Lotus
  • PP-Bizon: Lumen
  • MP7: Guerilla
  • G3SG1: Keeping Tabs
  • Dual Berettas: Thread
  • AUG: Plague
  • Operation Riptide also comes with a collection of 14 beautiful stickers.