CS:GO New Skins

If you’re interested in new CS:GO skins, you need to check the latest updates and weapon cases introduced into the game by Valve. Right now, people who want a set of CS:GO new skins need to buy and open the Recoil Case. This case features many great skins you can use or sell for a decent amount.

Recoil Case Skins

These are the Recoil Case skins you might want to buy or be aware of. Lots of people are searching for them, but very few own them.

USP-S Printstream

This USP-S skin looks amazing and is one of the most valuable pistol skins you can own. The battle-scarred version starts at around $59, but the Factory New model can easily reach $500. And if it’s the StatTrak version, the price can surpass the $1000 mark. In most cases, you’ll probably get the simple, field-tested edition, which costs around $125.

The USP-S Printstream is available for sale in small amounts (there are currently less than 50 offers), and almost 5000 people want it. This means the price will likely go much higher in the coming months.

This is a Covert skin, meaning the odds of unboxing it are below 1%. But if you do unbox one, it will be worth many failed attempts.

AWP Chromatic Aberration

This is a cool-looking AWP skin, and its price is around $28 for the battle-scarred version. The price range of this weapon is a bit more compact, and even the StatTrak Factory New model costs only around $200.

Remember that this is Covert skin, so it’s not that common on the market. In the future, its value may go up significantly. But for now, you can buy it cheaply. If you already own one, it’s probably not worth selling under the current conditions.

AK-47 Ice Coaled

This is a Classified skin that costs between $14 and $79 for the simple model. If you want the StatTrak model, expect to pay between $27 and $170.

Visually, this CS:GO doesn’t have much going for it. But it’s still nice to have in your collection.

Sawed-Off Kiss Love

This is probably the worst-looking skin in this case, and it’s surprising that it received the Classified rarity class. You can get this for anywhere between $6 and $56. The price depends on the float number and the presence or absence of the StatTrak attribute. The most expensive version you can buy is the StatTrak Factory New.

Because of the small number of people that use this shotgun, you should sell the skin or buy it later. The price is likely to decrease significantly in a year or two.

P250 Visions

This is a very cool-looking pistol skin with a Classified rarity class. The simple version costs $18 if you want the Factory New quality. If you want a StatTrak version, you’ll need to pay between $11 and $44.

SG 553 Dragon Tech

This is a ridiculously cheap skin for one of the best rifles in the game. And it looks amazing. Buying one at the current price is a great idea. In 6-12 months, the price is likely to go much higher. Even the StatTrak factory new model costs just $10.

If you own this skin, you shouldn’t sell it at its current price. But if you don’t own it, consider buying it before it increases. Because it almost certainly will.

P90 Vent Rush

This is another good-looking skin that you can get at a low price. The new StatTrak factory model costs just $9 and the visual design is quite good, so a few years from now, people will likely be willing to pay a lot more.

Dual Berettas Flora Carnivora

This is one of the coolest skins for the Dual Berettas, and you can get it for just $5 if you opt for the StatTrak minimal wear version. It’s nice for your collection but also a great investment. In just 12 months, the price will likely go up by at least 25%.

Other Low Value Skins in the Recoil Case

The other skins in the Recoil Case are the following:

  • Downtown
  • Crazy 8
  • Poly Mag
  • Winterized
  • Meow 36
  • Destroyer
  • Roadblock
  • Drop Me
  • Monkeyflage


The Recoil Case contains 24 gloves that you might unbox. The odds of that happening are probably 1/300, but if you do get a nice pair of gloves, here’s what the options are:

  • Big Game
  • Marble Fade
  • Slingshot
  • Tiger Strike
  • Nocts
  • Black Tie
  • Blood Pressure
  • Yellow-banded
  • Snow Leopard
  • Scarlet Shamagh
  • Needle Point
  • Lt. Commander
  • Jade
  • Smoke Out
  • Giraffe
  • Field Agent
  • Desert Shamagh
  • 3rd Commando Company
  • Rezan the Red
  • Unhinged
  • Finish Line
  • Queen Jaguar
  • Constrictor

The most valuable ones are probably the Snow Leopard ones. If you find a factory new pair, they are worth close to $10,000.