CS:GO Maps Callouts – Full Details

CSGO Maps Callouts

In the competitive structure of CSGO, there are various maps where you can play the game. We also know that many of these maps have complex area names. For example, in Dust 2, you’ve often heard place names like Long Doors or Upper Tunnels. However, almost most players do not know their location. That’s why we decided to prepare a guide about CS:GO Maps Callouts.

If you want to beat your opponent in CSGO, you must fight in harmony with your team. The most important thing is to give your teammates accurate location information when you die. Or, let’s say you see the enemy in any area on the map.

If you do not know the area’s name, how can you provide information? This is precisely why we think you need your CS:GO Maps Callouts guide. Now, if you are ready, let’s get started and look at the details of all competitive maps one by one.

Dust 2 Map Description in CS:GO

We think that most players know about Dust and Dust 2, one of the most iconic maps in the game’s history. Remastered periodically for CSGO, Dust 2 is a well-planned map for both teams. You have the possibility of infiltrating A and B from many points on both sides. You can feel the power of real conflict in Dust 2, which is designed like a classic Middle Eastern city. Now let’s look at the details of the regions on the Dust 2 map from the map below.

CS:GO Maps Callouts

Cache Map Description

Cache, however, is seen as one of the simplest maps in CSGO, scares even some professional players. In addition, the atmosphere of Cache resembles a nuclear power station that has sunk into oblivion. The fact that the junction points of the map are in narrow areas creates different possibilities for both sides. You can see all the details of Cache in the picture below.

Mirage Callouts in CS:GO

Mirage is one of the most popular maps in the game after Dust 2. Mirage, added to the game by Valve on July 6, 2013, is similar to cities belonging to countries such as Morocco and Algeria. Generally, professional players prefer to play in Mirage in big tournaments. This is also because it is a simple map and easy to learn for both CT and T.

CS:GO Maps Callouts

Ancient CSGO Maps Callouts

The following map in our CS:GO Maps Callouts guide is Ancient. Valve introduced the Ancient map to the CSGO community in December 2020. Its appearance resembles cities belonging to the Aztecs, a lost civilization. In addition, because Ancient is such a new map, most people still have no stereotypical place names for it. We also want to convey that due to the problematic nature of the map, it is not played much. However, since you may have to play on this map in CSGO competitive mode, we recommend you to take a detailed look at the image below.

If you are a newbie to CSGO, we think these guides will be helpful. For this reason, you may want to look at our CSGO ranks explained article that we have prepared for you.

CSGO Overpass Map Callout

Overpass is a popular map that was added to the CSGO competitive scene in 2013. This map is tactically great for featuring sewers, tight spaces, and more. You can often come across the Overpass map in the CSGO Esports scene. That’s why we wanted to add Overpass to our CS:GO Maps Callouts list. You can see all the details about the Overpass in the image we will share below.

CS:GO Maps Callouts

CS:GO Maps Callouts – Inferno

One of the most iconic maps of CSGO, just like Dust 2, is Inferno. Inferno is a simple map where you can fight on the streets of Italy. There are houses with large rooms, corridors, and balconies. If you have played Counter-Strike even once before, you should already know the structure of Inferno. Those who do not know can learn the details by looking at the picture we shared.

Train Callouts in CSGO

Train map is based on nuclear station just like Nuke or Cache. Terrorists are fighting to detonate bombs near the nuclear station. Likewise, the CT side tries to prevent the disaster by destroying this bomb. The map generally consists of trains and tunnels that you can climb. You can find a more detailed explanation in the image below.

Cobblestone Callouts in CS:GO

If you are a successful AWP player in CSGO, we can say that Cobblestone is for you. Wide and open areas are especially advantageous for sniper players. This map, which we are fighting in an old castle, is really high quality. If you want to be successful when you come across Cobblestone in CS:GO competitive mode, you need to learn the map descriptions.

CSGO Nuke Map Description

Another nuclear station map in CSGO is Nuke. In Nuke, one of the oldest maps of the game, terrorists try to blow up the nuclear station by detonating the bomb. Moreover, in Nuke, bomb placement points are designed on top of each other. Since it is not a large map, it will be advantageous to play slowly and patiently.

Nuke is probably one of the maps where you can learn Callouts the easiest in CS:GO. Let’s take a look at the details.

CS:GO Vertigo Map Description

Vertigo, one of CSGO’s most innovative maps, was added to the game in March 2019. This map still hasn’t been popular fighting on construction sites at the top of a skyscraper. The reason for this is that it has a lot of strategic usage areas. However, the complexity of the map intimidates new players. However, we can say that it is perhaps one of the most enjoyable maps in professional matches. Finally, you can see the descriptions of Vertigo, the last map of our CS:GO Maps Callouts list. Have fun!