CS:GO Key Price | Everything to Know About Buying and Selling Keys

csgo key price

A big part of playing CS:GO is earning cases which you can then open for skins. Those skins have varying values, so you can earn some money by selling them. However, they’re also a big part of the visuals in the game. Therefore, it’s sometimes nice to use a key to open a case and save those skins for yourself. But you can’t open a case without a key, and you have to buy those either in-game or from other players. In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the current CS:GO key price. How high you should go when buying, how low to go when selling, and so much more.

What is a CS:GO Key?

CS-GO Key Price

Keys in CS:GO work very much like keys in real life. They open locks. They open specific types of cases that contain skins or stickers from across the wide range available in the in-game store or that drop as rewards. While you play CS:GO, you’ll gradually earn more and more cases, but you need keys to open them. You can buy these either in-game or from other players since keys are a commodity that you can sell on the open Steam marketplace.

How to get Case Keys in CS:GO

There are two main ways of getting keys in CS:GO. The first is to buy them. This is a free-to-play game, so there has to be some way for the developer to recoup their costs. It’s only fair that they charge players for wanting to open the cases they earn and get some cosmetics. After all, most free-to-play games charge players for cosmetic items.

The second way to get keys in CS:GO is to buy them from other players through websites like Tradeit. On Tradeit specifically, each item has a set price, and we will deal with the transaction for you. There’s no need to barter or await payment. It all happens instantly. Buying keys from other players is probably the better way of acquiring them since you’ll be able to get them for a bit less than you’d pay in the in-game store.

How Much do Keys Cost in CS:GO?

How Much do Keys Cost in CS-GO

There’s a set price for keys in CS:GO of $2.50. There are two main ways to buy them, and the prices should stay pretty much the same for both. We’ll go into a little detail about each one below.

On Tradeit though, you can find bargains of bulk prices which can get you below $2 per key. The bargains you can find changes all the time so stay active and you might find one yourself.

1 CS:GO Key Price

The price you should pay for a single CS:GO key is $2.50. This is what any third-party website like Tradeit will offer because it’s the generally accepted market price. You should be very wary when buying or selling keys, so doing so through a reputable website like this will give you peace of mind and a secure deal.

CS:GO In-Game Key Price

The in-game price of keys for CS:GO shifts with the third-party market price. They’re usually the same. This is because keys themselves aren’t the valuable item. It’s the cases that have value. Cases contain skins, and those skins can be sold for hundreds of dollars. It’s the cases that drop with a set type of loot inside, whereas the keys simply open the loot, which is pre-determined by Valve’s servers.

Types of CS:GO Keys

Types of CS-GO Keys

Every case in CS:GO has a specific key tied to it. As such, there are a huge number of keys out there that you can buy. While some cases don’t require a key, they’re usually tied to an event, and you must perform certain actions to get them or buy them. Due to those requirements, there’s no need for a key. We’ve collected together every known key in CS:GO below, so you’re aware of what’s out there for you to buy.

  • CS:GO Case Key – Unlocks CS:GO Weapons Case, CS:GO Weapons Case 2, CS:GO Weapons Case 3, or Operation Bravo Case.
  • eSports Key – Unlocks eSports 2013 Case, eSports 2013 Winter Case, or eSports 2014 Summer Case.
  • Winter Offensive Key Case Key – Unlocks a Winter Offensive Weapons Case.
  • Operation Phoenix Case Key – Unlocks an Operation Phoenix Weapons Case.
  • Huntsman Case Key – Unlocks a Huntsman Weapons Case.
  • Operation Breakout Case Key – Unlocks an Operation Breakout Weapons Case.
  • Operation Vanguard Case Key – Unlocks an Operation Vanguard Weapons Case.
  • Chroma Case Key – Unlocks a Chroma Case.
  • Chroma 2 Case Key – Unlocks a Chroma 2 Case.
  • Chroma 3 Case Key – Unlocks a Chroma 3 Case.
  • Falchion Case Key – Unlocks a Falchion Case.
  • Shadow Case Key – Unlocks a Shadow Case.
  • Revolver Case Key – Unlocks a Revolver Case.
  • Operation Wildfire Case Key – Unlocks an Operation Wildfire Case.
  • Gamma Case Key – Unlocks a Gamma Case.
  • Gamma 2 Case Key – Unlocks a Gamma 2 Case.
  • Glove Case Key – Unlocks a Glove Case.
  • Spectrum Case Key – Unlocks a Spectrum Case.
  • Spectrum 2 Case Key – Unlocks a Spectrum 2 Case.
  • Operation Hydra Case Key – Unlocks an Operation Hydra Case.
  • Clutch Case Key – Unlocks a Clutch Case.
  • Horizon Case Key – Unlocks a Horizon Case.
  • Danger Zone Case Key – Unlocks a Danger Zone Case.
  • Prisma Case Key – Unlocks a Prisma Case.
  • CS20 Case Key – Unlocks a CS20 Case.
  • CS:GO Capsule Key – Unlocks a Valve-made CS:GO Sticker Capsule.
  • Community Capsule 1 Key – Unlocks a Community Sticker Capsule 1.

Best Place to Buy a CS:GO Case Key

Best Place to Buy a CS-GO Case Key

The absolute best place to buy a CS:GO Case Key is Tradeit. The website has a marketplace specifically set up so that CS:GO players can trade their items in a secure location with zero risks to either party. The key prices are steady, and you’ll always be able to find one here. There’s never a shortage of keys that can be used to open all of your Cases and net you some potentially rare cosmetics. You never know what’s waiting for you in your next Sticker Capsule or Weapons Case. In addition, for sellers, bots ensure that the entire trade is seamless, and you get the price you want for your item. You’ll have to sign up and get that item valued in line with current market trends, but you’ll get what you’re owed if you’re looking to sell.