Team Spirit Are One Victory Away From Spring Final

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Team Spirit

BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown is almost over and only two more matches are left to be played. These matches will determine the two teams who qualify for BLAST Premier: Spring Final. The competitors are SAW, OG, Metizport, and Team Spirit.

Despite being a lower-tier tournament with only $135.000 in prize money, Spring Showdown does mean a lot because of the two tickets offered to the winners.

The event they will qualify to offers $425.000 and lots of BLAST Premier points. In turn, these points can help participants earn a spot at BLAST Premier: World Final, which is a $1 million CS2 tournament.

Metizport vs. Team Spirit

This match should, in theory, be very easy to win for Spirit. After all, they smashed everyone at IEM Katowice and have two of the world’s best players on their roster.

Dmitriy “sh1ro” Sokolov finished in the top 10 last season at the individual level and was the 3rd best player in the world in 2022. As for Danil “donk” Kryshkovets, he is a complete phenomenon. His stats are off the charts right now, despite the fact that he’s just 17 years old.

In the past 3 months, his rating 2.0 has been 1.51 and his headshot percentage has been 61%. These two statistics alone should make his opponents terrified of him.

Metizport are not a bad team. They are currently ranked just 45th globally but that’s about to change. This team should definitely be in the top 30 given how well they’ve played at BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown.

Their first match was against Team Falcons while their second match was against Monte. Both times, they won against a supposedly stronger opponent.

Given the best-of-three format, it’s hard to believe that Spirit will lose this match. They have everything they need to win it, so in a worst-case scenario, they should win 2 – 1.

SAW vs. OG

The result of this match is very tough to predict because both teams defeated strong opponents in the previous rounds. SAW managed somehow to beat Team Liquid and Cloud9, while OG defeated Complexity and HEROIC. Anything could happen.

In principle, OG should win because they have a more experienced roster. But, as we recently witnessed, experience matters far less than raw skill these days. Even the most prestigious teams and players lost to underdogs in recent months.

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