Team Liquid Will Not Compete in the Copenhagen Major

PGL Copenhagen Major Team Liquid

It’s as we feared. Team Liquid, despite the massive roster upgrades from three months ago, are still not ready to compete and win at the highest level. And what is even more worrying is that they’re losing important matches in North America, a region where the competitive level is relatively low.

In the American RMR for PGL Major Copenhagen, Team Liquid had to finish in the top five to qualify, out of a total of 16 teams. So their record had to be either a perfect 3 W – 0 L or a 3 W – 1 L. They were eliminated along with 10 other teams after winning two matches against two underdogs and losing two matches against two serious teams.

The Wins

Liquid’s victories came against BESTIA and BOSS. Both of them were eliminated in the end and had very few chances to begin with. And yet, BESTIA caused Liquid a lot of trouble, winning 11 rounds against them. BOSS were easier to defeat: 13 – 9 on Inferno, followed by a quick 13 – 4 on Ancient.

These victories, on top of being earned much harder than they should have been, do not mean anything because in both cases, the opponent was too weak to matter. BESTIA’s global rank is 49. As for BOSS, their rank is 59. Meanwhile, Liquid are supposed to be a top-16 team, despite being ranked just 21st at the moment.

The Defeats

The defeats suffered by Liquid in the American RMR for the Copenhagen Major came against FURIA Esports, who won the qualifier with a perfect record, and Complexity.

FURIA defeated Liquid in a best-of-one, in the second round of the tournament, on Mirage. The score was very close (13 – 10) and Liquid had the best fragger on the server. Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken finished the match with a record of 19 – 14. But it was not enough to win.

In the deciding match, played against Complexity, Liquid won the first map (13 – 9 on Inferno) and looked strong in the first half of the second map, winning 5 rounds on the T side. But after that, everything that could go wrong went wrong.

They lost the second half of Anubis 0 – 6 and then got crushed on Overpass as well: 7 – 13. Apart from Keith “NAF” Markovic and to some extent Twistzz, everyone on Liquid’s side struggled. Complexity had three players who thrived in this match.

This painful failure should motivate Liquid to train hard until the next S-tier tournament, ESL Pro League S19, which starts seven weeks from now.

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