PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 American RMR Favorites


Overall, the European RMRs for PGL Major Copenhagen concluded with the results we anticipated. The only exceptions were Astralis, Team Falcons, Monte, and Ninjas in Pyjamas. These teams were expected to qualify but ended up being eliminated after some very disappointing performances.

The American RMR is scheduled to start on March 1 and will feature 16 teams from South America and North America. Some of them are among the world’s best. As usual, the region will get just five Major spots. This means that in order to qualify for PGL Major Copenhagen, a competitor must finish with a record of 3 W – 0 L or 3 W – 1 L.

This is very difficult to achieve. It requires either a solid start (1 W – 0 L) or three consecutive victories.

American RMR Participants

Here are the 16 teams that will compete in the tournament:

  • FURIA Esports
  • Complexity Gaming
  • MIBR
  • M80
  • paiN Gaming
  • RED Canids
  • Imperial Esports
  • Nouns Esports
  • Elevate
  • BOSS
  • Legacy
  • Wildcard Gaming
  • Team Liquid
  • NRG

Among these 16 teams, five are of major interest:

  • Team Liquid
  • FURIA Esports
  • Complexity Gaming
  • Imperial Esports
  • PaiN Gaming

Not all of these five teams are guaranteed a spot at the Major, but they are the biggest favorites. In particular, the first three of them are very strong and should qualify with ease if they don’t run into each other too early.

Teams to Watch

No doubt, the most exciting team in this region is Liquid. They now have an excellent roster that offers a nice combination of firepower and strategic prowess. As expected, Casper “cadiaN” Moller is the IGL.

He still needs to adjust his style and help his teammates understand his vision, but until the end of the season he will likely lead a team that’s capable of winning trophies.

At BLAST Premier: Spring Groups, Liquid finished 7th – 8th. And unfortunately, we weren’t able to watch Liquid competing at IEM Katowice, so it’s not yet clear how much they’ve improved in the last month. But it’s not hard to guess that they’re rapidly learning how to play as a unit.

The other two big favorites, FURIA and Complexity, struggled a bit in recent months. FURIA finished 21st – 24th at IEM Katowice and then failed to qualify for IEM Dallas 2024.

Complexity finished 13th – 16th in BLAST Premier Spring Groups and then 9th – 12th at IEM Katowice.

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