FURIA and Imperial Win the American RMR for PGL Major Copenhagen

PGL Copenhagen Major American RMR

The American RMR for PGL Major Copenhagen had around six favorites but only five available spots.

FURIA Esports was certainly one of them, but Imperial Esports was at best the 6th best team in the race. So to see both of them finishing the RMR with a record of 3 W – 0 L is quite impressive. In FURIA’s case, the result is even more spectacular because of the opponents they had to defeat along the way.

FURIA’s Results

FURIA started the American RMR with a match against Nouns Esports. Despite not having any famous players, Nouns managed to hold their ground and won 9 rounds against the team led by Andrei “arT” Piovezan.

The match was played on Inferno and FURIA won largely thanks to Yuri “yuurih” Santos, who had a fantastic performance: 21 – 14 / 124.4 / 1.78.

The next two matches were played against really tough opponents who were supposed to be the strongest teams in the tournament.

The first one was Team Liquid, who played really well but ended up losing 13 – 10 on Mirage. Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken had the best score on the server (19 – 14) but Marcelo “chelo” Cespedes had a much higher ADR (101 compared to Twistzz’s 86.4). The battle was tough and both sides deserved to win. But in the end, FURIA upset Liquid.

The final match was played against Complexity. Once again, the battle was tough to win and the scores speak for themselves: 13 – 10 on Overpass, 13 – 16 on Vertigo, and 13 – 7 on Nuke. This time, it was Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato’s turn to carry his team to victory, with a KD score of 63 – 40.

Imperial’s Results

Imperial had much easier opponents, so it’s not a big surprise that they qualified. But it’s still impressive that they didn’t lose a single map.

In their first match, against NRG, they won with ease: 13 – 2 on Overpass. Three of their players had a rating 2.0 of 1.70+.

In the second match, M80 got destroyed by them on Anubis. The final score was 13 – 3.

The third match was played against paiN Gaming and once again, Imperial proved to be a very tough team to beat, even in individual rounds. The scores were 13 – 5 on Mirage and 13 – 4 on Nuke.

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