Either Team Liquid or Complexity Will Miss the Copenhagen Major

PGL Copenhagen Major American RMR

The situation in the American RMR for PGL Major Copenhagen is a lot more dramatic than it should have been.

The two big favorites, Team Liquid and Complexity, have been defeated by theoretically weaker opponents and will need to face each other in an elimination match.

Right now, both teams have two victories and one defeat. Because there are only five spots available for the Major, a competitor must finish the tournament with a record of 3 W – 0 L or 3 W – 1 L. Anything below that will not suffice.

Team Liquid’s Results

Liquid started the American RMR with a very shaky performance against BESTIA, a team of complete unknowns from Argentina. The result was 13 – 11 on Inferno, largely thanks to Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken (24 – 16) and Keith “NAF” Markovic (21 – 15).

This victory clearly indicated that Liquid were not in great shape and could be taken down by a stronger competitor. This happened in their next match, against FURIA Esports. The score was 10 – 13 on Mirage and once again Twistzz was the best player on the team. Only this time, his performance was no longer enough to secure victory.

In the elimination match against BOSS, Liquid won with ease: 13 – 9 on Inferno and 13 – 4 on Ancient. This was a great performance by the entire team. Everyone finished with a positive score and Mareks “YEKINDAR” Galinskis played much better than usual.

Judging by the scores, it would appear that Casper “cadiaN” Moller fulfilled his IGL duties with great skill in this match.

Complexity’s Results

Complexity played the first match of the American RMR against Elevate and ended it very quickly. The score was 13 – 6 on Ancient. Two of Elevate’s players had a poor performance, which is part of the reason why Complexity managed to win so easily.

In the next match, against BOSS, the team led by Johnny “JT” Theodosiou struggled on the CT side and had to make a comeback to win. The final score was 13 – 10 on Ancient.

Everyone on the roster, including Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski, had an excellent performance. EliGE, in particular, had an ADR of 102, which indicates just how much he did to help his team.

Complexity could have qualified for PGL Major Copenhagen in their third match, but they were defeated by FURIA Esports. The scores were 13 – 10 on Overpass, 13 – 16 on Vertigo, and 13 – 7 on Nuke in favor of the Brazilians.

Now, Complexity will need to beat Liquid to go to the Copenhagen Major and the odds are not in their favor.

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