Best Weapons CS:GO – The 5 Best Weapons You’re Not Using in CS:GO

CS:GO features more than 30 weapons you can use against the enemy team. But most of these weapons almost never get used. In professional tournaments, this makes perfect sense. Because pro players have such good aim and spray control that they don’t need to use more than a dozen different guns.

However, in pub games, even if you’re a Legendary Eagle Master. You might want to use more of the arsenal that Valve has at your disposal. The need to optimize costs is not as severe as in professional matches, and teammates will usually be perfectly fine with your weapon choices. As long as you use them effectively.

Here are best weapons cs:go you’re probably not buying right now in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but you definitely should.

SG 553

Best Weapons CS:GO
Best Weapons CS:GO

This rifle can be bought by the Terrorists and has the advantage that it completely ignores armor. Its headshot damage is fatal regardless of whether the target is armored or unarmored. And the fact that you can utilize a scope makes hitting headshots quite easy.

Best weapons cs:go can be find in professional tournaments. You won’t see the SG 553 being used that often because its price is $3000, and its rate of fire is 545 rounds per minute. Meanwhile, an AK-47 costs $2700, shoots 600 rounds per minute and deals almost the same amount of damage against armored units.

Pro players like to think they can hit a headshot every time and that their spray control is almost perfect, so they would rather buy the AK-47 every time. They might be ashamed to buy the SG 553, thinking their teammates would regard them as having a poor aim. Why else would you buy a scoped gun instead of an AK?

But if you’re Silver 3 and struggle to hit headshots. Spending $300 more for a weapon that gives you the possibility to greatly improve your aim from a long distance is a very good idea.

Best Weapons CS:GO – AUG

There was a time when CS:GO players were purchasing an AUG quite frequently. But after the nerfs it received in the last 3 years, we don’t see the gun being purchased that often. But, just like the SG 553, this is still an excellent choice if you’re a lower-rank player who struggles to hit enemies from afar.

Only the Counter-Terrorists can buy the AUG, and its cost is $3300. The price of an M4A4 is $3100, so the difference is not that big. The main issue is that, unlike the T side, the CT side needs to buy defuse kits. And a defuse kit costs $200, which is exactly the difference between an M4A4 and an AUG.

Players usually forget when they make this simple calculation that the game is ultimately won by getting kills. And very often, it’s won by getting one entry kill. It’s also lost by losing a player early and playing 4 vs. 5. So the lower your rank, the more it makes sense to try to gain an edge by investing in a scoped rifle.

The damage dealt by the AUG is lethal if you hit a headshot, even against enemies who have a helmet. The weapon also ignores much of the kevlar vest. Dealing almost the same amount of damage against armored and unarmored targets. For the chest and the arms, the difference per bullet is 3. For the abdomen and pelvis, it’s 4.

Desert Eagle

Lower-ranked players don’t like to use the Desert Eagle because it has a slow rate of fire and costs significantly more than other pistols ($700). When you can’t land headshots with ease, it’s easy to adopt an “I’ll deal more damage if I shoot more bullets” attitude. 

But the fact is that the Deagle is one of the best guns in the game. It’s the best pistol and is perfect for force-buy rounds in which you need to try a high-risk play to avoid losing the map. Or even for an eco round. Very few weapons will give you the benefits of this pistol at such a low price. 

The secret to the Deagle is this: if only one player buys it, it tends to be ineffective because you need to hit headshots every time. But if more players buy it and then synchronize, with just two bullets per target you will generally get the job done.

The damage dealt by the Desert Eagle is fatal in the case of a headshot, regardless of armor. It’s also high even if you hit the leg (39). This pistol has 200% armor penetration, which means that it ignores armor almost completely.

In close quarters, it’s deadly. But it works just as well when used from a long range. Because of that, it’s one of the most versatile weapons in the game, and the perfect one-shot-kill solution for the eco rounds or the force buy rounds when you need to buy something even though you don’t have enough funds.


The Five-SeveN is another great pistol to use and will kill with just several bullets. Even if the target is armored. The great thing about this pistol is that it’s very easy to control and has a rate of fire of 400. But the biggest advantage is the gun’s magazine capacity. Instead of the usual 12 bullets, you get 20. This can be important in pistol rounds.

Unlike the USP-S, which deals low damage against armored units and isn’t fatal if the enemy wears a helmet, the Five-SeveN is deadly when you hit a headshot and will ignore armor almost completely. Therefore, if your aim is good, instead of investing in armor it might be better to buy this pistol for the pistol round.

SSG 08

The notion that only the AWP is a real sniper rifle is absurd. The SSG is a great rifle to buy and can be almost as deadly as the AWP. If your aim is good, the weapon kills with a single headshot and brings an enemy to low HP if you hit another part of his body. Even a leg shot deals 66 damage. For stomach and pelvis shots, the damage is 93!

Unlike the AWP, the SSG 08 only costs $1700, which is an amazing price for the benefits you’re getting. And its rate of fire is considerably better: 48 RPM instead of 41. The accuracy range is slightly lower (47m instead of 69m), but it won’t matter in most situations.


Never be afraid to buy weapons that have a bad reputation if they work well even against armored opponents. Of course, never buy machine guns and shotguns because they have poor accuracy and are a waste of money. But for a lot of other guns, there’s no reason not to buy them unless you’re a pro player.