Best CS:GO Skins – For The Most Popular Guns

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features hundreds of skins of all types. Every weapon and piece of gear in the game has at least a dozen of them, and some weapons have an impressive number of the best CS:GO skins.

This guide will teach you about some of the best CS:GO skins and why they are so valuable. All of the are extremely rare, so the best way to obtain them is to buy them on Tradeit or the Steam Market.

1. M4A4 | Howl

This is one of the best CS:GO skins you can own. The M4A4 rifle is one of the three most popular rifles in the game, and this particular skin has the Contraband rarity class, which means that you can’t find it anymore. You need to buy it if you want to own it. The price is somewhere between $3000 and $6000.

For sure, this is a collector’s skin. Most players will not be interested in something so rare and so expensive. But it is for sure beautiful skin. The black and red mix is one of the most powerful in the game, and the wild beast depicted on the skin gives it a lot of ferocity.

2. AK-47 | Wild Lotus

Best CS:GO Skins
Best CS:GO Skins

This is another amazing skin that can cost up to $10.000. But unlike the Howl, you can still find it. It’s in The St. Marc Collection. This is a rare collection, so don’t expect to find it that easily or pay just a few dollars. But the point is that the skin is still discoverable.

The floral design on this skin is incredible. Someone worked hard to make this skin; the total supply is under 3000. That includes all float values, from Battle Scarred to Factory New. Strangely enough, there are a lot more Factory New Wild Lotuses than Battle Scarred Wild Lotuses.

The AK-47 is by far the most popular rifle for the Terrorist side, so owning a skin like this means something. Only a small number of players will ever get to own one.

3. AWP | Dragon Lore

The Dragon Lore is the definition of cosmetic perfection. The souvenir version of this skin can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. And even the standard model costs around $10.000 if you want the Factory New model.

The AWP is a famous weapon in CS:GO. The best players in the world use it, and some of the game’s most memorable moments are related to it. Everyone remembers s1mple’s AWP throw against Liquid from 2016. He also happens to be the one who made this skin incredibly popular.

You can find the Dragon Lore only in rare souvenir packages, which are quite expensive. The price of this skin reflects its rarity, popularity, and beauty.

Visually, the skin mixes a golden color with shades of red and depicts a dragon. There’s hardly anything more powerful than this in all of CS:GO’s skin collection.

The price of the Dragon Lore has increased tremendously over the years, and it will likely continue to rise as time goes on. This skin is part of the game’s history, and just as important, it is the favorite skin of the most famous player in the world.