5 Common CS:GO Skins

CS:GO skins are incredibly diverse, and some of them are more common than others. But even many of the rare ones, despite being rare, are commonly seen in professional games because the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players love using them. Let’s talk about 5 common CS:GO skins.

The main advantage of buying common CS:GO skins is that they are quite affordable. And the fact that they’re common doesn’t mean their visual design isn’t great. In many cases, it is spectacular.

The value of CS:GO skins are largely determined by a combination of factors: rarity, float value, weapon case price, and weapon type. Ideally, to buy cheap skins, you should always search for a Field-Tested model from a relatively cheap CS:GO case. 

Rarity is not necessarily important. Many CS:GO skins are Covert and don’t cost more than $25. But if you want to get below $5 per skin, you should search for Pink (Classified), Purple (Restricted), or Blue (Mil-Spec) ones.

5 Common Weapon Skins Worth Buying 

The best weapon skins have a nice look and feel but don’t cost a fortune. Of course, assuming that your main objective is to use them and not necessarily sell them later at a profit.

Among the common CS:GO skins you should consider buying are the following 5:

AK-47 | Redline

This is an amazing skin to own because it’s relatively cheap (~$15), it looks amazing, and it’s one of the most used weapons in the game. Whenever you play CS:GO, a large percentage of the time, you will be equipped with an AK-47. So why not own a great skin for this weapon?

The main characteristic of the AK-47 Redline is the mixture of black paint and red lines. The elegance of this design makes the weapon stand out and gives you a feeling of improved grip when holding it.

If you want to buy the Minimal Wear version of this skin, the price will be 400% higher. The Factory New model is not available.

M4A4 | The Emperor

The Emperor is one of the best-looking skins for the M4A4, and it only costs around $10 for the Field-Tested version. Its rarity class is Covert, and the design stands out with ease. From a visual point of view, this skin is a masterpiece that requires only one stare to remain imprinted in your memory.

Because of its rarity, The Emperor is not exactly common in the traditional sense. But you will still see plenty of pro players use it because of its exceptional qualities.

5 Common CS:GO Skins

M4A1-S | Fizzy POP 

Fizzy POP costs just $1 (which is quite an affordable price!) and will make your M4A1-S look like a stylish military weapon. This particular visual design is highly sophisticated. Most skins only use a few colors and then mix them in a simple way. But the Fizzy POP’s design is nuanced and wild. This weapon skin is worth adding to your skin collections.

Few CSGO skins have such an affordable price while maintaining a high skin quality. 

AWP | Atheris

Atheris is a Restricted AWP skin that’s both cheap and great looking. Its aspect is terrifying and will make you feel more dangerous while utilizing the weapon. However, make sure that you don’t have a snake phobia. Otherwise, you will not enjoy using this CS:GO skin because it features a giant green snake.

The price for a Field-Tested model is just $3. If you’re willing to spend $6, you should buy the Minimal Wear version. And if you want to keep track of how many kills you’ve made with the AWP, just buy the Field-Tested StatTrak model, which costs around $8. The Factory New version costs $14 ($41 with StatTrak).

Try to avoid the Battle-Scarred and Well-Worn versions of this skin because the imperfections are severe. This is caused by the fact that the snake gets damaged and starts to look pathetic.

Many people don’t like snakes, which is probably why this isn’t one of the popular skins for the AWP. The same skin with a dragon instead of a snake would probably cost 20 times more money.

Navaja Knife | Boreal Forest

This is by no means a cheap skin. It costs around $100, and its rarity class is Exceedingly Rare. However, if you’re interested in knife skins, this is one of the most common, and it’s the entry point for the knife class. Many skins in this class cost well over $500, so at $100 you’re getting a really good deal.

It’s not the flashiest skin you can buy, but it looks impressive and gives you a military feeling.